PUBG Mobile : Season 13 Royal Pass Rewards skins, outfits etc how to get it.


 Season 13 Royal Pass Rewards skins, outfits-

As per the leaks, the new Royal Pass Season 13 will offer new legendary  outfits, like the Armed Hound Set, Mr. Kitty Set, new sushy Doggy Orament, new emotes, and much more. So, here are the latest Pubg Mobile Royal Pass Season 13 Rewards.

Some Upcoming Premium Crates Item So I have Few Upcoming Premium Crate Things that includes the all new ‘Armed Hound Set’ and Armed hound – G36c Weapon Skin. And this crate includes coming with a few amazing skins. and many more 13 Royal Pass and also some UpcomingFeatures in Pubg Mobile.

the following season ends may 13, together with the coming shortly.
The new map
According to pubg mobile official new map is miramar 2.0. enjoying the map
New Skin Additionally , there are gemstone- involved dacia for grabs.

New emotes-

 there is a brand new emotes called ” Talk the Hand” and ” Hand Swap”.
so visitor, I think you like all my post keep reading keep sharing . Thanks for your visit please visit again. Royal pass the season 13 Royal Pass has a ton of great unlockable content for just 600uc (10$)

Aug skin-

There are three new skins to come with Season 13’s Royal pass . Two of these skins take inspiration from Legos, adding a blocky texture to Guns.
the Vector and P92 skin will be receiving the Lego – style skins. The Aug will receive a different kind of skin. this is most rewards of season 13 so claim it by complete your RP pass mission than complete it and apply so your character looking very attractive from others.

Some best skins-

M416 and DP-28 skin is now on trending so if you are these skins lover than you can claim it by opening some premium crates so first you can collect some crates from play matches and complete missions than open and claim it or purchase it from UC cash.

Getting the Golden Mirado
Mad Miramar 2.0
The Golden Pan
Update 1.18.0
New Map.
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