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Pubg mobile Season 13 new AG Currency Reward details.


AG Currency Rate-

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An AG translates to roughly. 14UC (which means 7AG is about 1UC).

That means the basic Royale Pass costs roughly 4,200 AG (600UC), and the Elite Royale Pass costs roughly 12,600AG (1800UC).


You can spend AG much like other currencies for in-game items like clothing.

It works as an alternative currency for all items, so if you’re low on PUBG Mobile coins, or UC, you can bust out your AG to make the purchase.

50$ – 50000AG Coins

It is interesting to note that PubG mobile became just as popular and successful as PubG On Demand due to the fact that the game itself was better. And though we all know that the pub games don’t always get it right, but in this case the game did get it right.

In Season 13 New Contest Winners, a new currency called New Currency was introduced into the game. We now have the New Currency in PubG Online and in this season we have a lot of new players joining us, and they are bringing the New Currency with them.

The New Currency is referred to as “Golden” and the idea behind it is that the Old Currency will be valued in New Currency. If we accept that the old currency can never be replaced, then surely the New Currency can never be replaced. Because New Currency is worth more, the Old Currency will be worth less.

The new exchange rate is pretty complicated and as a new player you really need to understand the exact reasons behind this change. So if you haven’t read the Golden Currency article yet, then I suggest you read that article before continuing.

For me, I really believe that this seasonal update is more complicated than the changes that were made to the interface. It is a great new feature, but to me it does affect my gameplay in the same way that changing the interface does. However, because of the simplicity of the change I think it is actually quite good.

Now in Season 12 the players were not able to trade between the New Currency and the Old Currency because of some technical issues that we faced. But now with this seasonal update the new players will be able to trade at the beginning of the month, so this brings some benefits.

One of the biggest advantages of the new exchange rate is that it allows a small amount of profit to be earned in the early months. Although this would seem like a small advantage, I really think that the profit that you can earn from this new feature will be enough to make up for the time invested.

So if you haven’t read the Golden Currency article yet, then I suggest you do so. This change in the currencies is very exciting and makes a lot of sense when you think about it for some time.

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