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Government medical scheme


Government medical scheme

  1. Renewal of the insurance – Though the scheme will be implemented on a yearly basis, applicants will not have to worry about taking any action for renewal for the next year. Applications will be automatically renewed by the authority.
  2. Appointment of Ayushman Mitra – The main task of the Ayushman Mitra is to help beneficiaries get information about the scheme. The individual will also assist the beneficiaries in attaining proper treatment. Preference will go to those candidates who 

Launched in India
Launched by Narendra Modi
Implemented and supervised by Ministry of Health and Family Welfare
Date of announcement February 2018
Date of launch September 2018
Target beneficiaries Poor people of the country
Total number of beneficiary families 10 crore households
Total health coverage amount Rs. 5 lakhs
Official website www.pmjay.gov.in
Toll free helpline number 14555
Key features of the scheme
  1.  working with the hospital or nursing home. These individuals will attain Ayushman Mitra training. In case you desire in-depth information about this project, then get in touch with these Arogya Mitras.
  2. Empanelled treatment centers only – All government hospitals and selected private hospitals will offer the benefits of this cashless treatment insurance.
  3. Toll free number – The central government launched a separate toll free helpline number for the scheme. One can dial 14555 and attain any details about the treatment scheme. Apart from this, information will be offered from the CSC centers. In case you don’t have access to these modes, getting in touch with ASHA or Anganwadi workers will serve the same purpose.


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